ISABELLE BICHINDARITZ: A One of a Kind Professional

Isabelle Bichindaritz In past years, society gives more respect and value to men, but as the years passed, the way how the society perceives women has changed. Women are given the chance to fly as high as they can and achieve new and greater heights and achievements. Today, it is hard to think of what are the things that women can’t do because, generally speaking, women can already do great and almost impossible things like men and sometimes, even more than they ever can. One of these women that have brought the world in awe because of her great abilities, skills and intelligence is Isabelle Bichindaritz. Visit us here:

Isabelle works as a dedicated assistant professor at the State University of New York right at Oswego. She is widely-known not only by her colleagues and students in SUNY, but also in the whole society and by the individuals in other fields due to her exceptional performance in doing her assigned job, obligations and responsibilities. Aside from that, she has also gained many meaningful experiences which are all very useful and relevant to the job that she is currently handling today. Isabelle Bichindaritz is a one of a kind professional that can be a great asset in any school or organization in the industry.

Isabelle Bichindaritz This amazing woman prioritized her education more than anything else because she believed that it is a major key in reaching her goals and success of today. Now that she is already a successful teacher, she also wants to impart everything including her knowledge, expertise and meaningful experiences as well as some failures that she encountered along the way that made her even tougher than she was before to her students and class. Previously, Isabelle Bichindaritz was the one of the best assistant professors at the University of Washington, specifically at the Institute of Technology, Computing and Software Systems in Tacoma since the year 2002.

She earned a very good reputation in that school where she successfully directed the University’s Laboratory of Informatics and the Artificial Intelligence. The good education that she had from her Alma Mater, Universite Rene Descartes in Paris V, back in the year 1994 is now very much visible and effectively applied in her chosen career or field. Isabelle Bichindaritz is a holder of Ph.D. in Computer Science that is why she’s one of the most prominent persons when it comes to Information Science, Natural Science, Engineering, Medicine, Artificial Science and Computing in Mathematics. Her expertise and research mainly focuses on the intelligent learning processes and systems in medicine and biology, with a great emphasis on data mining and in on case-based critical reasoning.

 Isabelle Bichindaritz capabilities and focus does not only end there because aside from wholeheartedly teaching her students at the said University, she also works competently on biomedical applications as one of her field of expertise as well as on artificial intelligence. To widen the scope of her studies – applications and new improvement and discoveries in her field of expertise – Isabelle has just recently co-organized 5 workshops and they are focused about Case-Based Reasoning in Life Sciences, data-mining in Life Sciences, International conferences as well as European Conferences on the said Case-based Reasoning and co-located with an Industrial Conferences.

Isabelle Bichindaritz has successfully published and contributed more than 100 research and scientific papers that are all great and useful for students, co-teachers and whole society as well. She has also edited and co-edited multiple journals with special issues like problems that surround artificial Intelligence in Medicine, Computational Intelligence and Applied Intelligence on Case-based critical reasoning, particularly in Life Sciences. She loves to explore new heights, and numerous number of computer science-based systems that she successfully designed are one of the things that she did whichwill never be forgotten by the whole society, aside from being a great, dedicated and very inspiring assistant professor.